Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance can often play an important role in helping a parent, a business, or even an estate plan for the future and deal with the liabilities, risk and challenges of unforeseen events during one’s lifetime.

Unlike most insurance brokerage firms, Vermillion & White Wealth Management Group has no quota to fulfill on any proprietary insurance products. We are completely independent and our recommendations are objective and un-biased.

This independence allows us to partner with some of the top insurance carriers in the industry, so we can continually provide you with innovative strategies in an environment that is frequently changing. As your investment adviser, you are not required to purchase any insurance policy through us, and may choose to purchase insurance products from unaffiliated insurance producers or agents.

Life Insurance

It might feel morbid to think about, but life insurance is important. Life insurance can provide liquidity to your beneficiaries whether it’s to pay for your funeral, pay taxes, pay off your household debt, fund your child’s education or replace lost income.

When you talk to us about life insurance there are several types to consider:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Universal Life


If you’re unable to work due to a sickness or injury where would that leave your family? Disability income insurance can help you meet expenses and maintain your family’s standard of living. This type of insurance can help you pay bills like your mortgage, tuition and car payments, and help cover expenses for food, clothing, and utilities and keep you on-track to your longer term planning goals.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Save your family’s resources, your independence, and your assets by purchasing long-term care insurance. With this type of insurance policy, you can rest assured that if and when the time comes that you require long-term care, your insurance policy can provide home health aides, skilled nursing, assisted living, and access to a nursing home. When you’ve purchased long-term care insurance, you’ll feel comforted knowing that you can spend precious quality time with your loved ones without putting the financial and emotional burden on them.

*Keep in mind that all insurance payments are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.