Retirement Plan Consulting

Our Retirement Plan Specialists help companies create a top-notch retirement program focused on fiduciary compliance and positive outcomes for participants.

Whether you’re exploring a 401(k), 403(b), Defined Benefit Plan, or Non-Qualified plans our team will help you stay up to date on new regulations and requirements affecting plan sponsors and their participants. Acting in the capacity as consultant versus that of a traditional broker, we are able to act as co-fiduciaries to your company’s retirement plan. V&W’s process results in the following retirement plan services.

Service and Employee Education

A successful service, communication, and education program is critical to the success of a company’s retirement plan. Service and education are extremely important to Vermillion & White Wealth Management Group and we will consistently review the options available with the plan sponsor to create the most appropriate program for the employees. Key components of Vermillion & White’s communication strategy include:

  • All on-site meetings conducted by Partner at Vermillion & White
  • On-site group enrollment meetings
  • On-site individual enrollment meetings
  • On-site group investment education meetings
  • Video teleconferencing education meetings for remote locations (if-needed)
  • Access to on-line investment and financial planning
  • Customer service representatives and e-mail contacts for plan participants

Fiduciary Compliance

  • Working with an ERISA – defined 3(38) Investment Manager like the Vermillion and White Wealth team will provide your plan sponsor with increased service and liability coverage. We will develop and maintain the plan’s investment strategy, which is codified in your plan’s documents. These outlines are used as a guide to evaluate your current investment offerings, measuring them against applicable indices, your existing provider’s complete menu and the broader universe of investment options. The result is confidence that your plan’s investments are diversified, well managed, and meet the stated objectives of your investment policy statement.

Plan Design

  • Vermillion & White Wealth Management Group will work with you to understand the design and operational benefits of your company’s plan and will help you to:
    • Increased employee deferral limits and employee tax credit incentives
    • Online participant access for account balance inquiry and changes
    • Key personnel Internet access to plan and participant data
    • Paperless enrollment
    • Electronic transmittal of payroll, loan and distribution transactions
    • Automatic enrollment/negative election
    • Optimum frequency and educational content of employee communications
    • Conversion/transition process

Investment Due Diligence

  • Current market and economic conditions make it critical for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries to develop and maintain investment due diligence procedures and supporting documentation. Evaluating your plan’s cost and performance on a consistent basis is essential in today’s environment as the Department of Labor imposes a strict standard of care on plan fiduciaries through the Employee Retirement Security Act. Vermillion and White Wealth Management Group will work with the retirement plan committee to assess your plan’s design, cost, performance, and monitoring procedures to analyze the most efficient and effective plan for both employer and employees.

Plan Level Benchmarking

  • Vermillion & White Wealth Management Group will provide a thorough plan review, analysis, and comparison between your current plan and the alternatives that are best suited for your company and its employees.